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One of the most popular and cost-effective ways of providing Security in the home and place of work is with CCTV cameras and equipment. We provide CCTV solutions using a mix of fiber optic and copper cables for large campus CCTV requirements where there is a limitation since Co-axial or UTP cable. Unisol CCTV Events Security packages can be provided on a sale(or)rental basis. Event CCTV Rental equipment can be used in the following situations like sporting events, music festivals, Rallies, demonstrations, Trafic management, Exhibitions, etc.

Unisol designed portable security solution for your event – it enables your controllers to see, react and make a move rapidly and effectively. With all-round motion detection, this telescopic camera provides your event with a temporary CCTV solution ideally suited for short term events. Quick to set up and easy to move around, these CCTV towers offer a cost-effective solution for monitoring your event site activities.

Unisol provided Security Solutions Division, we can equip your event with a range of CCTV solutions. Whether you want to monitor entry and exit points, stage areas, or the entire site we have several options that will allow you to do that. And also Fixed and wireless CCTV systems are available, with or without recording.

CCTV can be integrated with a broadband connection to allow streaming across the site, for example, streaming footage from a staging area to a production team.

All of our site CCTV solutions packages come with the compatibility to allow our customers to remotely monitor a site from Smart Phones and Tablet Devices. We also provide the ability to have your site remotely monitored by one of our dedicated monitoring stations 24/7 giving peace of mind during “closed hours”.

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