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UNISOL® Miniature Wall-mount fiber enclosure is suitable for backbone fiber optic cable termination. Because of its compact and ruggedly designed case, it is suitable for industrial applications. Miniature Wall-mount fiber enclosure designed to support fusion splicing or direct termination of the fibers. Miniature Wall-mount fiber enclosure includes a splice tray for fusion splicing and suitable for mounting in wall mount panels where there is space constraint.

Miniature wall mount fiber enclosure

These Miniature Wall-mount fiber enclosures are ideal for high-density LAN interconnect or cross-connect patching. Unisol’s Highly reliable Mini Fiber patch panels offering user-friendly features that take fiber patching to the next level. Mini Patch Panel can be loaded with a variety of adapters like ST, SC, FC, and LC.

Miniature Wall-mount fiber enclosures provide a cost-effective and versatile solution when patching fiber cables in indoor or outdoor environments. Each housing includes a fiber management spool, self-sealing grommets, and strain reliefs for securing entry fiber cable. Fiber pigtail packs can be ordered and pre-installed into the enclosure for rapid installation.

Miniature wall mount fiber enclosure

UNISOL® Miniature wall-mount fiber enclosure can be loaded with a variety of adaptors like ST, SC, FC or LC. The duplex adaptor is also available for those applicable types which must be defined during the ordering process.

Some features of Miniature wall-mount fiber enclosure:

  • Compact size perfect for limited space enclosures
  • MS/Aluminum housing with seven tank process powder coating
  • Suitable for wall mount and surface mount applications
  • Replaceable panel for SC/ST/LC/FC type couplers
  • Allow a maximum of four cables entry
  • Patch or fusion splice field termination standard
  • Splice holder for pigtail splicing
  • Can be used as 24 port patch panel using LC/SC Duplex couplers

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