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Total Fiber Solution fot IT, Telecom, Industrial automation & FTTH

Unisol® Outdoor series Pole mount rack cabinets are designed for wall assembled outdoor applications. It gives a perfect solution for CCTV, access control, public security, telecommunication systems, and automation and signalization systems. The IP54 and IP66 protection classes’ cabinets designed to have a wide range of modules for cable entry management, the mono-block inner case for the housing of equipment, cable management, power supply, and UPS units, power connection, and relay integrations.

Pole mount rack

The Pole mount racks can be varied to accommodate different requirements and applications. The advantage of these cabinets is their cable management and ability to securely house power products in varying environments.

The Pole mount rack galvanized steel construction ensures durability and strength to withstand harsh weather conditions. Pole mount rack support provides easy installation and includes integrated ladder support for added safety, which also caters for technicians involved in future equipment maintenance and upgrade works.

Pole mount rack
Pole mount rack

The cabinet is of heavy-duty construction with both front and rear doors. All air-vents are vermin protected. Unisol® Pole mount rack outdoor unit CRC MS Steel smart Box lockable door at the front and rear ends are closed. Fully ventilated fully powder coated with LIU box holder.

These cabinets are available in Pole mount; Wall mount & Floor mount options with IP54, IP55, IP65 Range. These Pole mount rack cabinets are sealed up-to IP55- IP65 to suit customers’ specific equipment, including fiber management, Additional essential features protect against the dangers of dust, humidity, rain, moisture, and physical attack.

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