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din rail patch panel

Fiber optic patch panels are also called fiber distribution panel. It is used to terminate the fiber optic cable and provide the connection to individual spliced fibers. Besides, Fiber optic patch panels can create a secure environment for exposed fibers, housing connectors, and splice units.

fiber optic patch panel


Unisol communications designed to provide the product to the customer based on their requirement. For fiber connectivity, UNISOL Fiber optic patch panels are designed to encounter industrial applications. There are three parts in the Fiber optic patch panel.

  • The detachable front panel that includes, multiple types of fiber adapters which provide access to connect with the optoelectronic device.
  • Another compartment that envelops, fiber optic splice for protection sleeves and space for excess fiber and pigtail routing.
  • Din Rail base is the most important part which climbs/fixes the patch panel onto the 35mm Din Rail frame.


Unisol communications designed to construct the product based on their customer requirement. Here we are using some materials for construction.

  • Robust steel/ aluminium construction with seven tank process pretreatment and electrostatic spray technique powder coating, fabricated with our patch panels as well as an advanced manufacturing process.
  • It provides the highest quantity for the protection of sensitive components inside the enclosure.
  • It increases corrosion resistance for severe environmental conditions.
  • Multi-port cable entries permit or allow greater flexibility for interconnecting essentially two units of outside plant distribution cables.
  • The rugged PVC/metal DIN Rail base secure actual and perfect mounting into Din Rail frame and it has a load capacity of 5kg to 15kg.

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