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wall mount patch panel

Unisol Wall mount fiber patch panel is an integrated unit for fiber management; these equipment are used to perform to fix and manage the fiber optic cables inside the box as well as provide protection. These are the fiber enclosure that can mount on wall/panel mount applications.

wall mount patch panel

For building & campus networking by making use of  IP55 characteristics, UNISOL Wall mounts fiber patch panels are the ideal design. It contains three parts,

  • The compartment that allows trunk cable and contains splice trays for fusion splicing which accommodates splice protection sleeves and space for excess fiber and pigtail routing.
  • The detachable fiber adapter panel which gives access to quick patching and the comportment that permit to allocate the distribution cables entries for interface management.
  • Also, it has additional features like lock and key facility to avoid unauthorized access.

Outdoor Wall mount fiber patch panel integrates three main functions, fiber splicing, cable winding & storing, and interface management. For transitioning outdoor rated to indoor rated cables, these boxes are perfect to use. Outdoor Wall mount fiber patch panel can be used to provide some or number of fiber connectivity and safety. Single door hinges design with lock & key for security.

Outdoor Wallmount fiber patch panels used in Power Systems & Controls, Oil & Gas Industries, Rail signaling & Control Systems, CCTV & Surveillance Applications. Outside Plant, Mining & Military, Road & Rail, Ship & off Shore, Transmission boxes for a substation, Machine Building, Transportation.

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