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Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is maintenance & repair services rendered by the service provider and manufacturers to the customers, at an exchange of prices, once the warranty of manufacturers’ warranty is over. The Annual maintenance contract helps the customers to maintain their products & Assets in efficient working condition at the offered cost. Signed between the customers and the service providers, the annual maintenance contract can be availed in different types.

Different types of Annual Maintenance Contract

Different types of annual maintenance contracts that can be availed are comprehensive/labor annual maintenance contracts.  In addition to this, the labor only annual maintenance contract services, following the needs and requirements of the clients.  The clients can render labor plus spare parts to a fixed amount of services, based on the needs and requirements of the clients. 

Advantages of Annual Maintenance Contract

One of the major advantages of using annual maintenance contract services is that AMC services save from unexpected maintenance and repair costs. Besides this, the clients can avail of the systematically & timely executed annual maintenance contract services that also renders rounds the clock maintenance & repair from qualified technicians and support staff.  Annual maintenance contract also provides the clients with effective advantages of planning of the maintenance and repair services at regular intervals of time, of the products & types of equipment, The annual maintenance contract enables the clients with only the genuine spare parts of products & types of equipment for better performance and durability.

The acceptance of the annual maintenance contract by the service provider depends on the conditions of products & equipment. The agreement of the annual maintenance contract is basically for one year and can be customized as per the specifications provided by the clientele. The conditions of products & equipment are checked by the service providers, before accepting the annual maintenance contract. The replacement and repair of the products & equipment spare part, in case of damage, is done free of cost. In case of termination of the annual maintenance contract by the service providers, the service providers have been providing the one month notice to the owner of the products.

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