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Unisol Standard Rackmount fiber patch panel is an integrated unit for fiber administration; it will give the entire insurance of hardware and perform to settle and deal with the fiber optic cables. For splicing, terminating OFC cables and pigtails in the fiber access network, Standard Rackmount fiber patch panels are intended to move in a 19-inch rack frame to give cross-associate and interconnect abilities. These Standard Rackmount fiber patch panels in data cabinets are accessible and required to interface pre-stacked with any connector. It is calculated for high-thickness LAN interconnect or cross-interface patching.

Standard Rackmount fiber patch panel incorporates three sections, The compartment which permits trunk cable and for fusion splicing which obliges splice security sleeves and space for abundance fiber and pigtail routing and additionally contains splice trays. The movable side clamps will give more prominent adaptability to move the patch panel front and back to ensure fiber patch cable inside the rack. The separable fiber adapter panel which offers access to speedy patching for interface administration.

Standard Rackmount fiber patch panel designed with innovative features that make installation and control the damage of fiber optic connectivity at high speed, easier and more conservative, or cost-effective. There are three main functions in Standard Rackmount fiber patch panel, fixing and managing the fiber optic cables inside the box, support pigtail splicing or direct termination of fibers as well as sufficient space to store excess cable and pigtail routing. For interface management, a detachable adapter panel provides flexibility to interchange as per customer desire and gives quick access or approach to connect the Optoelectronic device. These enclosures can be used to provide some fiber connectivities and safety.

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