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Total Fiber Solution fot IT, Telecom, Industrial automation & FTTH

UNISOL® Communications Pvt. Ltd., which was formerly Unitron Communications is operating since 2002. About two decades we have rendered our finest services on design and Implementation of Digital cable TV, MDTH, FTTH, Fiber Optic backbone Networking, and LAN/WAN networking infrastructure for variety of industry leaders in different domains such as IT, Automobile, Défense, Logistics, residential apartments, townships, Educational Institutions, Telecom, Oil & Gas, Industrial automation and State to Central Government establishments.

Our expert team provides you cost-effective solutions on CCTV, MDTH, FTTH, EPABX/INTERCOM, Wi-Fi & LAN/WAN Networking, Access control & Biometric requirements through professional cable management for small or large requirements.

Along with the above service we started with manufacturing and supply of fiber optic components, sooner we became one-stop center with the capability to supply products such as fiber optic cables, fiber optic pigtails, armoured and unarmoured fiber optic patch cables, Industrial grade fiber optic adapters, fiber optic connectors, fiber optic Splitters /PLCs and fiber optic patch panels in Din Rail Mount, Rack Mount and Wall Mount to fulfil various requirements of the industries.

MDTH Implementation Process:

Unisol MDTH Solution

The government of India has made it obligatory to the digitalization of TV broadcasting, an ever-increasing number of individuals are moving towards utilizing the DTH frameworks. Advanced DTH benefits in India have been begun not exactly 10 years back and are gaining popularity and acceptance in India for the most part on account of their prevalent picture and sound quality.

In an apartment majority of people are utilizing DTH frameworks and if everybody gets their DTH framework circle introduced outside their home, the entire building will look full of these dishes. To avoid this problem, we design and implement MDTH solution by using Fiber optic backbone and Co-axial distribution cables to deliver quality signals to the endpoint with minimum maintenance. And also, a robust solution for Multiple DTH Services and digital cable TV in addition to CCTV signals on a single cable going into the house.

UNISOL® MDTH is a customized solution for connecting multiple houses within the same multi-storied building with a single antenna/reflector to receive Direct-to-Home (DTH) services. MSDD (Multi-satellite digital distribution) solution delivers multiple service provider’s signals to user locations including digital cable TV.

We provide multi-DTH solutions for a residential apartment as plug and play. This solution makes their building DTH enable running multiple services on a single coaxial cable. Likewise, the MDU (Multi-dwelling unit) arrangement gives integration of services like CCTV and Telecom administration and the internet.



  • Get Multiple DTH Services.
  • Building elevation is maintained.
  • Residents have to plug preferred DTH service set-top box.


  • One of the most popular & cost-effective ways of providing security home and place of work with CCTV cameras and equipment.
  • CCTV cameras can act as a very successful deterrent to thieves and burglars, certainly making them think twice at the very least.
  • We provide CCTV solution using a mix of fiber optic and copper cables for large campus CCTV requirements where there are limitations in a coaxial/UTP cable.
  • CCTV output can be viewed on a TV screen as opposed to the traditional 7” small LED screens with Multi-Play Solution
  • CCTV camera at the Entry level gate enables the residents to view the person at the entry gate and ensures scanning of the visitors before entering into the premises.

Value Added Service:

  • Notice board channel – Get associated by the notice board channel about the happenings around the grounds like social gathering parties, maintenance, etc on Multi-Play Platform.
  • Movie or Music on Demand.
  • Advertisement Channel or Information Channel.

Some great features of MDTH:

  • Delivers Multi-satellite TV services via a single cable to the room.
  • Completely concealed cabling.
  • Significant cost savings on installation & upgrades.
  • The designed network guarantees high-quality signals at all TV points.
  • Supports all satellite pay and free-to-air television services in India.
  • Fiber Connectivity for villa complexes.
  • Easy integration for CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Cameras.
  • Integration for High-Speed Internet.
  • Enables connectivity for local digital cable.
  • A larger dish ensures minimal rain fade.
  • Expandable for an unlimited number of satellite receivers.
  • Fully transparent for all value-added satellite services.
  • Door darshan channels can be received without a subscription.
  • Plug and Play service.
  • Fiber Connectivity for HIGH RISE Multi-story APARTMENTS.

Advantages of Multi-DTH:

  • Multi-satellite broadcaster’s services in the same Network.
  • We are unique because we have our brand products.
  • Building a Designed network guarantees high-quality signals at all TV points.
  • Point’s larger Dish Antenna ensures minimal signal loss during monsoon.
  • Supports all satellite pay and free-to-air television services in India.
  • Easy integration for CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Cameras in the same Network.
  • SD, HD & 3D Transmission STB Box from DTH service providers.
  • Enables connectivity for local digital cable TV.
  • Enables high-speed EOC Internet Services.
  • Approved by all Major satellite TV service providers.
  • Plug and play service.
  • Superior TV Reception on all channels.
  • State of art Network delivers quality signals to the endpoint with minimum maintenance

Our Services Include…

  • Consultancy for Satellite TV, Telephone, Internet, IPTV & CCTV provisioning.
  • Designing a custom satellite distribution solution for your property.
  • Pre-wiring and termination of cable at each location specified at the apartment.
  • Individual testing of each TV point for various satellite signals.
  • Maintenance of the distribution network.
  • Customer connectivity and service enabling.
  • Annual maintenance contract for all the above services

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