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wall mount patch panel

Unisol 8 port Wall mount fiber patch panel is intended to support fusion splicing or direct termination of the fibers. This modular enclosure gives cross-associate and interconnect capabilities for splicing and terminating outdoor cables and FTTH drop cables in a fiber access network. Our 8 port  Wall mount fiber patch panel is made with 16-gauge mild steel with corrosion-resistant seven tank process powder coating to give incredible insurance to the inside fibers. IP rated Fiber enclosure gives a broad range of fiber management frameworks (FMS) completely compatible with industry grade fiber adapters. FTTH arrangement wall mount fiber terminal box is intended to give fast patching, storing fiber terminations. It is also utilized for Indoor/Outdoor application and medium-measure multi-dwelling units (MDU’s) for FTTx.

Our IP rated 8 port Wall mount fiber patch panel integrates three main elements of fiber splicing, cable winding and storing, and interface management. The enclosure adopts great quality metal sheets and surface electrostatic spray procedure, which is offering safety and great endurance performance. It is the ideal structure for building and campus networking.

8 port wall mount fiber patch panel

Wall mount fiber patch panels are used in Power Systems & Controls, Oil & Gas Industries, Rail signaling & Control Systems, CCTV & Surveillance Applications. Outside Plant, Mining & Military, Road & Rail, Ship & off Shore, Transmission boxes for a substation, Machine Building, Transportation.

Unisol 8 port Wall mount fiber patch panel assumes a key job in the field of a fiber communication network in the Central workplaces (FTTx), Telecommunications with more prominent security and adaptability. It is a decent alternative since it can assist you with organizing and associate the fiber optic connections, and it can shield the links from harm. Wall mount series of enclosures are the ideal decision for terminating fiber data cables where the rack mounting option is not accessible. Outdoor Wall mount fiber patch panel is accessible up to 8ports.

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